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Make Presentations With Visme

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Alejandro Rodríguez
·Aug 7, 2021·

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Make Presentations With Visme

I wanto to introduce you to Visme]( Visme is a visual content creation tool you can use to make digital content like presentations, infographics, and social media banners. The interface is drag and drop based and has presets for many elements.

There is more content you can create with Visme

Visme is used to make Graphs and Charts:

Visme is used to also create Printables such as Flyers:

Visme is also used to create Scatter Plots:

Visme is also used to publish Survey results:

Visme is so feature rich that in order to write a full review it would take days. Besides, I'm no graphic designer so unfortunately I am not able to get the most of it. I did notice it is a great tool for people working with infographics, as it easy to make charts and create data visualizers with sliders.

I focused on the presentations feature of Visme. I was in a hurry as I had a class assigment about the history of electricity for the final day, which included a presentation. I needed a quick way to create a presentation as I knew I wouldn't be able to design one myself from scratch.

I took a look at the presentation templates and found the one I exactly needed. A presentation focused around historical events. I used the one about dinosaurs 😂 and adapted it to my needs. It was very easy to get started. The template already included transitions and I could grab shapes and animation from the presets. By the way, I loved the paralax effect while displaying images.

I also loved I could share a link with the presentation instead of sending files by eMail or USB. From a practical and cybersecurity point of view, it is a huge win. There's no need for the recipients to install specific software or to insert devices which might contain viruses, or even worse, fry your computer, literally.

Here's the link for the final result: Electricity 18th Century

If you'd like to see the whole process, please check my video.

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